Josh Silverman
Josh Silverman
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Josh's journey began right here in Bellingham, where he was born into a family that cherished the art of good food. Growing up, both his mother and father were adept home cooks, instilling in him a love for the culinary world from an early age. Josh pursued formal training at BTC for Culinary Arts. He then embarked on a gastronomic adventure through Europe, honing his skills with an internship at Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain before working alongside Chef Maria Hines at Earth and Ocean Restaurant in the W Hotel. This experience afforded him a unique knowledge of seasonal cooking and the intricacies of collaborating with local purveyors.

Returning to Bellingham, Josh opened Nimbus Restaurant in 2006, where he showcased a hyper-focus on modern techniques that highlighted the bounty of local ingredients. Later he opened Dashi Noodle Bar from 2011 to 2014, where the art of the slurp took center stage.

Josh's journey took a delightful turn in 2014 when he shifted his focus to raising a family. Alongside his lovely wife, Julie, he devoted his time to raising two beautiful children. Now, as a key player in the distribution of wine to restaurants, wine shops, and even the stunning San Juan Islands, he offers a unique flair to his new role as part of the Julian and Company team. With a background that seamlessly blends culinary expertise, sales acumen, and a genuine love for this community, Josh is well-equipped to navigate the diverse landscape of real estate and provide clients with an unparalleled level of service.