Summer Huntington
Summer Huntington
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Outside of selling homes, I am also known as a successful coach who thrives in helping people make big decisions about their future. I have had had a long-term interest in real estate in Bellingham, and wanted to get involved in this industry to learn more about commercial real estate investing. I value community connections and adding value to people's lives. I am excited about how Julian & Company is innovating in the real estate sector and supporting the local community.

I split my time between living in a historic building that used to be an old schoolhouse, located between York and the Fountain District, and an off the grid, custom tiny home on a large piece of property near North Lake Samish. These two different lifestyles help me understand how and why people are drawn to different types of homes and the lifestyles they support.

Outside of work you can find me traveling, adventuring, and dancing. I have traveled to London, Spain, Budapest, Australia, Peru, and Costa Rica and love exploring other cultures. I also enjoy interactive art and supporting local performance artists in Bellingham through events and collaborations. I am also a big fan of downhill mountain biking at Galbraith, paddleboarding in the bay, and spending time with her son. I try to spread energy wherever I go, while at the same time reminding people to take time to relax and connect within.