5 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

While many people choose to list their home after the first of the year, there is actually great value in jumping into the market during November or December. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider listing your home with us now, rather than later:

  1. While there may not be as many buyers, the ones looking for a home in November or December are typically very serious and are ready to take action as soon as they find the right home. 

  2. Buyers have fewer available homes to look at during the holidays. This lower inventory means there is less market competition for your home. 

  3. January and February typically begin the increase of people listing, with more each month thereafter as we move into Spring and Summer. As the number of listings increases, so does the supply. More supply can mean lower demand for your home, which may translate to a longer time on the market or reduced sales price. 

  4. Holiday decor, if done thoughtfully, can really make your home shine. Lights outside make for a nice evening curb appeal boost and indoor decor can make people nostalgic for how they would decorate it if it were their home. 

  5. You may attract out-of-area visitors who decide they want to consider moving to the area. This means they may come to tour your home while on their vacation. 

The most important thing to remember is that you always steer the ship for when tours can happen. There is no need to worry that you will need to vacate for a showing in the middle of a holiday dinner or party. You tell us when you are willing to have showings and when the home is off-limits. Obviously, the more time we can open your home up to potential buyers for a tour, the better. That said, we will always support and communicate your schedule to other agents. 

Plus, Bellingham's inventory is especially low this year, while buyer demand is still very high. The 2020 holiday season presents a unique market position that will likely change as we move into Spring and Summer. Let’s connect and strategize whether now is the right time to bring your property to market. 

Written by Marci L. Hardy, PhD


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