Building Connections in Your Neighborhood in Unexpected Ways

The period of social distancing this Spring made many people yearn for contact with others. The question is how do you stay connected once the luster of Zoom conversations has waned? The stay-at-home orders resulted in people out walking in their neighborhoods more when parks and trails were closed. Perhaps you noticed homes and quirks about your neighborhood you never paid attention to before. 

Re-evaluating what we want from a home

A common theme that has occurred from the pandemic is re-evaluating what we want from a home. Ironically, one of the things we are hearing more of is they want a home that makes them feel more connected to their community?  How do you create that you may ask? Well, one of the great ways beyond moving to a walkable community is adding an extension of your living area to the front of your property rather than in the privacy of your backyard. 

Front Porch: A Welcoming Connection

More than ever, I am seeing people sit out front and say hi when I walk by. You could describe it as reality tv in stereo vision! Basically, a front porch is an extension of your home that allows you to stay connected with others from afar. You can sit outside and watch the world go by. You can chat with a neighbor or greet the delivery driver. If your home doesn’t have a front porch, no worries... set out a small sitting area, hammock, bench, or even some logs either near your front walk or in your front yard. This cozy seating area may create a welcome connection to the outside world you are craving. It is so cool to see that the world before computers and television is coming back and introducing a new generation to the lifestyle of the front porch. 

Written by Marci L. Hardy, PhD


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