New Year, New You? Here are 24 Local Places That Will Nurture Your Self Care in 2024

Whether you are entering the new year with goals to rehydrate, revitalize, or relax, Bellingham supports you! As a city with a deep appreciation for physical, mental, and spiritual well being, Bellingham has no shortage of local spots for you check out to stay grounded this new year. 

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If you are looking to unwind and relax, Bellingham has several reputable spas that are worth checking out. These services are excellent for stress relief, more efficient circulation, lowering bood pressure, headache reduction, muscle relaxation, and more. Complete with baths, body scrubs, facials, massages, body wraps, and waxes, you can treat your body at the following spas (and more!)

1. Blessings Salon Spa

2. Healing Hands Massage and Foot Spa

3. Spa at the Chrysalis

4. Blue Room

I recently learned of this specialty business just 20 minutes north in Ferndale, Washington, that has a Himalayan salt and an amethyst crystal cave, a full spectrum sauna, BioFlow booth, and a running list of different massages. Notably, the Himalayan Salt treatment promotes cleaner lungs, better and deeper breathing, healthier skin, improved sleep, amplified fitness, and all around wellness. 

5. Flow in Motion 

Gaining popularity in the wellness spectrum is the sensory deprivation tank. A dear friend of mine frequents our local spot and I've decided to finally jump on this train! These floats are known for relieving pain, reducing anxiety, boosting athletic performance, improved sleep and even enhanced creativity.

6. Still Life Massage and Float

Let's be real, staying hydrated is hard. Despite being well intentioned, meeting our daily water intake doesn't often come naturally. Especially for folks like me who love a morning coffee indulgance and a nice wine pairing for dinner! However, we recently welcomed our first hydration lounge to our downtown area that supports us in our hydration era. Offering IV hydration, they have many different bags for any unique area you're trying to improve and it is administered by trained medical professionals. They also offer vitamin shots and botox! 

7. Peak Hydration Lounge

Using less heat and sometimes more affordable than the typical Finnish-style sauna, infrared saunas use infrared light to penetrate and heat the body directly. Because of this, they are often found more comfortable with the same benefits of it's Finnish alternative (i.e. detoxification, relaxation, pain reduction, improved mood and heart health).

8. Flow in Motion

9. Oasis Bellingham

It wouldn't be a self-care blog post without mention of meditation! The beautiful thing about meditation is that, with intention, you can do it anywhere. I find that guided sessions are best for me and I have been to the following locations. Whether you are new to the practice, well-versed, or simply seeking someone to support your meditation, these local spots are worth trying. This practice will encourage being mindfully present, induce a sense of calm, peace and balanc.

10. I am Ayurveda

Ayuveda is a broad, all-encompassing concept; it is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; Ayurveda nurtures your ability to heighten well-being and ignite joy. 

11. Red Cedar Zen Community

Red Cedar offers both online and in person. 

12. Bellingham Shambhala 

Bellingham has plenty of trails that will challenge you, but we also love our peaceful walks. These trails are approachable, low-grade, and perfect for those jaunts to get our crisp, clean air in your lungs, and take a breather from the noise. 

13. Whatcom Creek Trail Loop

Distance: 4 Miles, Elevation Gain: 305 ft., Est Time: 1.5 hr 

14. Lake Padden Singletrack

Distance: 2.6 Miles, Elevation Gain: 91 ft., Est Time: 50 min

15. Stimpson Nature Reserve

Distance: 2.9 mi, Est Time: 1hr 

16. South Bay Trail

Distance: 4.9 mi, Est Time: 1.5 hr

Let's not forget the importance of cultivating a home environment that supports well-being! Whether its a corner, a spare bedroom, or the whole house, there are some simple things you can do to optimize tranquility; bringing in some houseplants is a fast way to spruce up the space while also reducing stress and boosting your mood. They can also contribute to better sleep if you place them in your bedroom! The act of plant care has also been proven to be an act of self care promoting peace and connection with nature. Here some of our favorite places that will inspire:

17. Baby Greens

18. A Lot of Flowers

19. Garden Spot Nursery

Ahhh, and then there is the self-care act that divides many of us: The Cold Plunge. Igniting our immune system, zapping inflammation, amplifying muscle recovery, improving cardiovascular health and supporting lymphatic drainage, the cold plunge is a real force of nature. The best part? We can do it naturally - anytime! Here are some easy and gorgeous spots to take an icy dip:

20. Squalicum Beach

21. Bellingham Bay - Taylor Dock

22. Lake Padden

23. Bloedel Donovan Park

Finally, if you're looking to start or reignite a gym routine, Bellingham has several respectable gyms. Julian, Hannah and Kailee all go to Bellingham Fitness! This gym has a sauna, steam room, hot tub, pickleball court, classic and hydro-massage chairs, a day care and SO many classes! We love it so much, we want you try it for free for three days! Call me, Hannah, at 509 290 2423 to get yours! We will see you there! 

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