Essential Spring Maintenance Home Tips

Most of us here in Bellingham are eagerly watching the sun dip beyond the horizon at later and later hours; we are tempted with sunnier days, though our thermastats show freezing temperatures. If you have been in town these past few weeks, you have experienced the tug-a-war between snowfall and dry sun leaving our streets glistening with water. What does this warmer season and snow melt mean for your homes? A lot (potentially).
Our homes are especially vulnerable to water damage this time of year so I have compiled a list of important things to watch out for as we lean into this changing season. 

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1. Open your attics and crawl space vents

Ensure that your air is properly circulating to prevent mildew and roof damage. Also, make sure your bathroom fans are open to the outside otherwise moisture might be blowing into and building up in the attic.

2. Assess your home's exterior for winter damage

Pay close attention to the seams around your windows as winter weather can impact the calk and sealant. Keep your eyes peeled for any warping under the exterior paneling; this may indicate water areas that might have frozen under the siding. If you don't have siding, check paint for cracks and chips to repair. 

3. Check for any animal invasions

If critters moved in, you will find holes in the exterior of your home. They may also have access through vent screens leading to crawl spaces and attics; check the integrity of these screens and replace if necessary. 

4. Check your HVAC system

Ensure that your air-conditioning coils and filters are clean; according to the US Department of Energy, clean filters can improve efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs by 5-15%!

5. Roof Maintenance

Make sure your roof is free of moss/debris, or any gaps in the shingles where water could seep in. Also check for any trees with any branches that are overhanging your roof and cut those back (Reed Mergens, Goosehead Insurance). 

6. Assessing for water damage

Water damage can be sneaky but, thankfully, you can spot a lot of warning signs. Here are several things to look for when checking for any winter water damage:

- Peeling, bubbling, or flaking paint

- Small hairline cracks or larger spider-webbed pattern of cracks in the ceiling

- Water rings that are typically a light brown color

- Mold growth; usually in the corners of walls and ceilings and in humid spaces like basements

- Sagging, bowed ceilings

- Water stains that can be a dark yellow almost resembling rust

- Musty smells

- Warped flooring

- Hidden water damage can result in a sudden increase in your water utility bill. 

*Please note that if you think your home has been impacted, please contact a professional. Below is a list of local experts that we trust.

Osorio Contract Services (Construction, roofing, flooring, landscaping, painting, decking)
Foundation Restoration (restoration & foundation)
C. Warren Inspections (property and pest inspections)
Feller Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
West Werks (construction, plumbing, remodel, custom bath & kitchen) 

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